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Motown Parc


Motown Parc I Brussels
Location Rue de la Tarentelle , Brussels
rue de la Tarentelle, Brussels
The Project
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Virtual visit
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180.000 €
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Motown in the press
Motown in the press

Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté

- Charles Baudelaire

A real difference

Unique location in the Scheutbos Park
Cross-living rooms, all with exceptional views
Architecture by AJArquitectos and ALTA Architects
Spacious south oriented terraces and beautifully landscaped garden

Living within the park

Motown Parc plays with the boundaries between nature and architecture. Situated at the edge of the enchanting Scheutbos park, Motown Parc fuses with its surroundings to become part of the park itself. Known for its landscape and biodiversity, the Scheutbos park has made it onto the prestigious European list of protected natural environments: Natura 2000. We decided to work with renown Portuguese architect, André Campos from AJArquitectos, with the mission to design a project as compelling as its backdrop. The quest for beautiful architecture is embedded within Motown’s genes.

The result? Elegant buildings that not only embrace their surroundings, but embody them. Less than a hundred meters away from shops and restaurants in one of the most vibrant communes in Brussels, Motown Parc finds its home in nature.

Two small buildings at the end of two cul-de-sacs, Rue de la Tarentelle and Rue de la Cantilène, serve as final points to the urban landscape and as a gateway to the park. The grey bricks in the façade maintain the relationship with the houses in the two streets, while the bronze coloured aluminium elements give it a sophisticated modern touch and hint at what is to come.

The essence of Motown Parc is an elegant long building between the two small buildings at the end of the cul-de-sacs. In the park. No traffic. An oasis of serenity and green. Shops, schools and restaurants are just around the corner. The colours are now flipped: bronze aluminium panels are the dominant factor in the façade and reflect sunlight coming into the building, while horizontal grey concrete elements give the building a sense of solidity and harmony. The space between the main building and the two smaller ones subtly allows nature to flow into a large garden. As a result, Motown Parc is engulfed by the park from all sides, creating a unique atmosphere in the heart of Brussels.  

The 64 apartments have been conceived in such a way that all two- and three-bedroom apartments have a double orientation. Their living rooms have big windows on their full width from floor to ceiling on the northside with access to a terrace and a stunning view of the park. On the southside they are also completely glazed and have big terraces designed as an exterior living room to fully enjoy the light and warmth of the sun and a view of the new garden. These lofty 43 m2 living rooms with broad views and large terraces on both sides are the essence of the apartments.

We have designed a haven where your mind and soul can find inner tranquillity. Therefore, we have banned all cars from the project. As you enter the site you park in the comfortable underground parking garage and take the elevator straight to your floor.

This is where you find your home.
Motown Parc. Soul residence.
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Quality of finishes

Oak parquet or large tiles
Beautifully equipped kitchens
Elegant bathrooms
Panoramic windows

Eye for detail

With great care we dedicate as much attention to the most striking characteristics of our projects as to the smallest of details.

The brick and concrete elements in the facade must have the perfect shade of grey to harmoniously match the aluminium bronze coloured plates. The kitchen tap must satisfy our proficiency and aesthetical requirements. The parquet we provide in the living rooms and bedrooms are meant to give residents a sense of warmth and timeless quality at home. The bathrooms must be as practical as they should be beautiful. Our entry halls must provide the inhabitants a sense of pride and ownership of the building, and the gardens are designed to be inviting.

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Unique location

Located in the Scheutbos Park
Oasis of tranquility between two dead end streets
Schools, shops and restaurants close by
Near the city center and easy access to the Ring

Minutes from Brussels City Center

Motown Park is unique in its location. You live at the doorstep of a park, yet when you leave the site, you immediately arrive at the Chaussée de Ninove, where you find schools, supermarkets, bars and restaurants.  If you turn right, you are a kilometre away from the Ring of Brussels that connects you to the rest of Belgium. If you turn left, it’s a mere 3,5 kilometres to the pentagon of Brussels, where the historical part of the city lies.

As the capital of Belgium and Europe, Brussels is home to about 1,2 million inhabitants and to the headquarters of the EU, NATO and other international institutions. This results in a melting pot of people and cultures that give Brussels its versatile identity, characterized by its ‘joie de vivre’ and entrepreneurial spirit.

Brussels is the bridge between old and new, local and international, the individual and the institution, leisure and work, metropolitan and nature. It is in this juxtaposed urban landscape that Motown Park has found its home.

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Great architects

Residence of the soul – truly embodies our ambition and engagement. Our passion for our metier obliges us to create spaces that concentrate on your quality of life. To reach our objectives we have set up a close collaboration with the best architects from Belgium and Europe. The residences we create are built to withstand the test of time with contemporary yet timeless and durable architecture.  What follows is an important added value to the benefit of our customers. The materials and finishes we provide serve only one purpose: your well-being. This harmony makes our buildings feel like music.


André Campos Joana Mendes - Arquitectos, is a multidisciplinary office dedicated to the study, research and exercise of Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Art.

Every project of AJArquitecots has its own history. Whims of fashion should not lead the architect to the creation of forms and compositions empty of meaning. Instead, AJArquitectos tries to understand every project’s genius loci.

By understanding the surrounding, a harmony can be sought and found between the surroundings and the project. In doing so, the surroundings will enhance the quality of the project and the project will enhance the quality of the surroundings.

This vision of André Camos and Joana Mendes has led the office to the design of projects which have been awarded nationally and internationally and published numerous times, participating in several exhibitions and conferences.


Execution architect
Created in 1985, the Atelier of Architecture ALTA is founded by two architects, André Vertommen and Marco Pizzuti. After having worked with architecture offices in Belgium and abroad, they decided to join forces and combine their experiences.

The group consists of fifteen associate architects, architects, urban specialists, landscape architects and assistants. Work always happens in close collaboration with consultants of different fields: stability engineers, technical engineers, and specialists of landscape, decoration, security and health coordination, energy performance…

Besides a large experience in the residential domain, the group’s activities progressively extended to other domains as well, such as administrative, industrial, commercial and socio-cultural. Strengthened by its experience in the Brussels region, the group offers a deep knowledge of urban, administrative and legal requirements of development projects within the 19 communes of Brussels. Ever since the new regulations of energy performance of buildings, ALTA has paid special care to new technologies, which enables the group to find durable solutions to every project it embarks on.


Landscape architect
Bjorn Gielen founds the office Landinzicht in 2004 in Brussels. The office concentrates at first on gardens and parks.

With audacity and enthusiasm on one hand, and precision and experience on the other, they create an image that reflects their values. They evolve without renouncing the past, but by continuously questioning it. This allows them to answer and stay ahead of fast-growing market demands and technical advancements.

Projects of Landinzicht are at times striking, but mostly discreet. Conditions are being organized and distilled to a readable and recognizable whole.Landinzicht is simply put searching for the right nature, for every project.
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